About Us

Our expertise includes legislative and regulatory contacts at the local, state, and federal level. Our experienced team has served in key legislative, policy, and political positions and we have a solid record of success in state and federal government on a wide variety of issues. In short, we know the issues, the process, and the players.

We regularly monitor legislative and regulatory activity to determine impact on client operations, and take appropriate action to expedite, modify, or defeat proposed measures.

Our experience includes:

  • Led The Healthy 603 Coalition, a coalition of healthcare, business, and non- profit leaders with the mission to create a healthier Granite State and stop anti- vaccine legislation.
  • Worked with the NH Hospital Association to pass Expanded Medicare Reauthorization compromise.
  • Passing legislation to update employee leasing laws for a national trade association.
  • Working to enact expanded gaming legislation that would allow for a destination resort and convention center.
  • Working with a national knife rights coalition to repeal a law banning knives used by professionals and craftsmen. This is now the model used around the nation.
  • Working with a national association to defeat legislation banning the use of member company products.
  • Working with a national biotechnology association to defeat legislation that would impact the use and sale of their products in NH.
  • Working to promote and defeat legislation affecting case management of healthcare services to seniors and adult disabled individuals.
  • Representing the interests of a coalition of municipal building officials before the legislature.
  • Working with a coalition of small businesses to repeal the LLC tax.
  • Working with national professional athletes’ associations in defeating legislation negatively impacting their privacy rights.